Special Report #7: Always On – A Healthy Approach to a 24/7 World - Downloadable PDF

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This Special Report explains the advantages and drawbacks of new technologies that permit 24/7 access to people and to information. Techniques for managing overwhelm and practical ways to cope with and control virtual and real-time distractions will be presented, especially for digital natives born into this Always On world. The latest scientific information about the health-impact of “always on” is presented as well as ways to be on the healthy-side of always on. 13 pages with footnotes. The Special Reports are not transcripts of the MP3's. They contain information not available in the MP3, such as endnotes, websites and other references. The MP3's are teleclass recordings, not transcriptions of the Special Reports. They contain information from a question and answer session that is not available on the Special Report. Together the Special Reports and the MP3's are the most complete information on the topics.

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