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Creating Your Digital Estate Plan

What if you suddenly died or became incapacitated?  Would your Executor, Power of Attorney, heirs, or family know about the existence of your “invisible” online and web-based accounts, the ones with no statements or paper trail? How about the critical information inside your email accounts or the content on your website or social media accounts? Does anybody know your log in information to these accounts? While your family is planning your funeral and grieving your loss, criminals could be hijacking your Facebook account. Do you know how to protect your “information afterlife”?  Order yours now!

'Get Rid of Your Stuff' Flash Cards

Do you have trouble deciding what to do with the excess stuff you don't want? Should you sell it on CraigsList, donate it to charity, consign it and make a little money? Use these colorful flash cards to help you decide among a dozen different options. You'll learn what items sell best, which to donate or what you might need to just give away. Each card also includes great tips. Don't wait any longer to make those decluttering decisions! Order yours now!

FREE Podcast - Stick to Your Goals, the ADHD Way

Behavior modification tips for organizing your life and meeting your goals.

Each year, countless ADHDers make resolutions that just don't stick -- but it doesn't have to be that way! In this audio and slide presentation, hosted by Judith Kolberg, learn how you can implement behavior modifying strategies to help you achieve your goals and get your life organized.

In this audio presentation, Judith Kolberg discusses:

  • Why New Year's resolutions are difficult to keep, especially for ADHDers
  • How to implement an ADHD support system to set yourself up for resolution success
  • Ways technology can help you meet your New Year's goals
  • Strategies for regulating ADHD symptoms with a healthy diet  

Listen to it now!