Publishing Services

Manuscript Review – You can opt to have Squall Press publish your book, choose another publisher or start your own publishing company. Either way, you’ll need a great manuscript. Our Manuscript Review service includes content and editorial editing of your draft manuscript for clarity of meaning, flow, segue, interest, and readability. Our editor might suggest rewriting text, moving material, adding paragraphs, sections or chapters to better serve the reader, suggestions for title and subtitle, identifying gaps in content, suggestions for handling notes, resources, or other special material, and help with choosing illustrations, captions, and charts.

Copyediting - Copyediting ensures there are no “oops” in your manuscript. We proofread your manuscript for typos, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and general usage.

Book Printing - including specifications, quotations, preparation and submission of files to printer.

Other Services -

  • ISBN, EAN bar code, copyright registration, Library of Congress registration, Catalog-in-print
  • Interior design
  • Front cover and spine design
  • Back cover design
  • Front and back matter such as Acknowledgments, Dedication, About the Author, etc.
  • Obtain testimonials and forewords
  • PDF and ebook conversions
  • Pricing

*Publishing services are priced on a book project basis. Book coaching is priced at an hourly rate. To discuss the publishing services for your book project, give us a call at 404-231-6172, send an email to or complete this form.