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What if you died suddenly or became incapacitated? Would your family or Executor know what intangible online and “invisible” web-based accounts you have?  Would the appropriate people know the passwords? Did you know your accounts may be at risk of identity theft or other internet mischief makers even after you die? We all have digital assets and an “information afterlife” -- social media accounts, passwords, automated deposits and payments, websites, photos, merchant accounts, and much more that ‘live’ on after we die. 

Squall Press has published Creating Your Digital Estate Plan, an authoritative and comprehensive ebook authored by the acclaimed professional organizer, Judith Kolberg. Creating Your Digital Estate Plan  is a step-by-step guide to organize and protect digital assets and information. It is selling very well. The market is enormous.  You can profit from this outstanding product by becoming an Affiliate. It’s an $8.00 product (affordable for anyone!) and you receive $5.00 ON EACH AND EVERY SALE!

It’s easy. You create a simple Affiliate account and put the Affiliate link on your website along with a description and product graphic that we provide to you absolutely free. Then, every time someone buys Creating Your Digital Estate Plan  from your website, BOOM! You earn money. Twice a year you get an automated report and a check.

There’s no other product quite like Creating Your Digital Estate Plan. It is totally customizable, and;

  • Provides for the safe transference of passwords, user codes and other log-in information to an Executor or other authorized representative.
  • Creates a “paper trail” for online or web-based accounts that have no statements or paper documentation.
  • Records digital assets that might be overlooked by an estate.
  • Prevents unauthorized access to social media accounts.
  • Centralizes all your digital information in one place.

Think of the all the people who could benefit from Creating Your Digital Estate PlanSpread the word! And make a bit of bucks while provided valuable information to:

  • Prudent baby boomers who understand the Digital Age poses special challenges for planning their estates.
  • Adult children of senior citizens who want to be well-informed about comprehensive estate planning for their parents.
  • Members of the financial and legal community responsible for the estate planning of others.
  • Digital natives and millennials with assets, accounts, and information stored in the cloud.


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  3. Fill in the information and choose “Affiliate” in the “Account Type” drop down menu

We’ll send your affiliate approval and further instructions to you right away so you can login to your account and choose your text and graphic banners to put on your website.


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